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A Finance Security & Management Company
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Willy Finance and Management Ltd was incorporated to deliver services that are clients-focused, innovative and dynamic. Willy Finance and Management Ltd is a product of strategic planning of the group to position itself properly in the financial market so as to deliver qualitative services to our clients.
Willy Finance and Management Ltd is made up of a team of experienced professionals with wealth of experience in the Financial Markets who have been involved, at some point in their career, in project management and financing over two decades. The company has a leading edge in securing the highest quality of assets, limiting investment risks and optimising results. We specialize in securing placements needs that yield higher returns. The company understands that every strategy and solution involves unique financial requirements with varying risk profiles.
Willy Finance and Management Ltd team is made up of different units with diversify operations, in association with different networks. We provide a comprehensive service to our clients. Our professional management team brings executive level experience from top tier Investment Banking firms with expertise from industries and world leading Accounting Firms, Stock Exchange, Consulting Firms, serving clients on all continents especially the emerging markets. Our Mission! At Willy Finance and Management Ltd, we strive to sustain profitable growth by providing first class services to all our client and customers.
We are constantly seeking and researching into new ideas, and the utilisation of the latest financial engineering to be able to achieve our mission. We take pride in finding the best solution for the most demanding investment profile by combining the most advanced finance products with challenging asset management. Willy Finance and Management Ltd goal is to create a niche for itself in the global Investment market, including fund management and allied services. We achieve this through the effective deployment of our highly credentialed team, methodologies and industry / project experiences. Funding Objectives.
The funding objective of our company is to deliver consistent absolute returns by actively investing in a diversified portfolio of Fixed Income Securities, including bond, loans and asset-backed securities including structured finance securities, Bank Guarantees, Standby Letters of Credit, denominated in major currencies.